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How a Divorce Lawyer Springvale Can Help

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For a skilled and reliable divorce lawyer Springvale residents can turn to, Pentana Stanton is the firm to contact. He is adept at negotiating appropriate agreements in a divorce, from child custody to timesharing, as well as establishing prenuptial agreements. You can reach him via email or phone to schedule a consultation with a family law specialist. His law firm is located in Springvale.

The first step in the process is to file for a divorce with the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Divorce is not a civil action, but is a legal proceeding that ends the marriage and separates the parties. To qualify, a couple must have been separated for at least 12 months and have considered that their marriage had broken down. If the couple has children, they must attend a counseling session before filing for divorce. If the marriage is less than two years old, an applicant must attend a counselling session before the court can grant a divorce.

After filing for a divorce, the next step is to serve your ex-spouse with your application and supporting documents. If there are minor children involved, your divorce lawyer Springvale should also attend the hearing. Although some people prefer to file for divorce themselves, hiring a professional lawyer will ensure the legal process goes smoothly. Divorce lawyers Springvale can also help you arrange for custody and support of your children. They can assist you with a variety of legal aspects and help you reach a settlement that is mutually beneficial.

The divorce process in Springvale is relatively simple. In a no-fault Family Law system, the separated spouses must prove they have lived apart for twelve months. If the couple lived under the same roof for this period, additional evidence may be required. A lawyer who is experienced in these matters can help you avoid the costly and time-consuming courtroom battles. But even if they are legal, divorce lawyers cannot make any promises to your ex.

If you are planning a marriage or co-habitating with a partner, a divorce lawyer Springvale can assist you in all the legal matters related to family law. Divorce lawyers can assist you in preparing a parenting plan and time-sharing schedule for your children. While the court will decide what’s best for your children, your lawyer will assist you with preparing the time-sharing schedule and negotiating the terms of the agreement.

If you need an experienced legal service that will provide the best outcome for you, contact Pentana Stanton today for best family law specialists Melbourne.